The utilisation of machine vision through computer’s superior object recognition, will soon revolutionise our lives through the advent of driverless cars. However, researchers have discovered that images containing noise or minuscule patterns can easily trick machines into perceiving objects incorrectly. I have been searching for naturally occurring scenes within the physical world that a computer will perceive as drastically different. Hundreds of photographs have been analysed using machine vision, with the computer then being tasked to visualise these scenes via simulation. Every now and again severe misinterpretations of imagery and object occur, leading to the creation of otherworldly representations. ‘Visions’ is an exploration of this - what does a computer really see and how does its perception of reality differ to ours? Shown at The Barbican for 'A Latent Reality' and devoloped through the alt.barbican accelerator residency programme.

Visions Visions