Commissioned by Cambridge Assessment and premiered at e-Luminate Festival, Cambridge Corn Exchange

Surveillance forms a central element to modern society, informing and maintaining public security. However, the levels and boundaries of this are constantly pushed and blurred, presenting an immensely difficult line between privacy and security. High levels of current surveillance combined with social media’s desire for us to constantly document and distribute images of ourselves, means that we are viewable and can be watched more then ever in humanity’s history.

Using a combination of video cameras and motion tracking software, live interactive video of the audience is displayed throughout the space, responding to the audience’s movements and actions. Depending upon the audience’s interactions and visibility, imagery of them is recorded, and looped on top of the live video, creating a composite image of everyone who has walked through the gaze of the camera. Referring to the banality of surveillance, that often there is absolutely nothing which happens but a repetition and blurring of the continuous everyday. Containing projection and single channel video.

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