In September 2016 I was in residence at Grove, a unique artist residency based in Bury St Edmunds. During my time in residence I examined the aesthetics, inaccuracies and uncanny elements of CGI simulations.

"Henry started his week with grove by photographing foliage around the garden, which he replicated and simulated within CGI (computer generated imagery), and developed into 3D computer animations. This approach developed ideas explored during his MA at Norwich University of the Arts, and particularly Second Skin. ​Current research shows that 40% of the time members of the public are unable to differentiate between CGI and photography. Drawing on the garden was a direct response to site, and resulting films and images were presented in the studio, shed, dining room, kitchen and living room, where the altered renderings of outside space were seen in the context of their initial capture. The film projection in the studio, playing over a wall made three dimensional with relief elements, became site specific by working positively with the size and shape of the space." (Barbara Dougan, Director of Grove)

Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove